School Age (Ages 6-12)

Girl with Magnifying GlassThe Kendallville Day Care Center School-Age Program uses the Indiana Afterschool Standards as well as the nationally recognized Creative Curriculum to develop the curriculum, classroom environment, and weekly experience plans. Children are able to come before school to a welcoming and nurturing environment, enjoy a healthy breakfast, and safely get on the bus and depart for school.

Our after school program provides a destination for children to get off the bus, eat a healthy snack, and participate in experiences of interest that are academically enriching as well as fun and exciting. Boy with PencilChildren are given the opportunity to relax and “unwind” from their day at school. We provide full day services to school-age children during cancellations and school-year breaks.

During summer break the children participate in daily field trips within walking distance to several local businesses (Ex: Public Library, City Hall, local pizzeria, Humane Shelter, etc.) The children are given the opportunity to become tourists in their own community and become enriched in their local culture. Children may enroll in the school age program once they have begun Kindergarten.

The ratio of teacher to children is 1:20.

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