Childhood memories – that is what we are making at the Kendallville Day Care Centers. Childhood is a time for creativity, for imagination, for exploration, and for discovery. As adults, we reflect on our childhood with great fondness. We remember the wonder of novelty, and cherish how life seemed a safe and simpler place.

Every child deserves the opportunity to develop their individual potential; and for over 42 years of service to families within the community, the Kendallville Day Care Center has devoted efforts to giving children opportunities to develop skills needed to face life’s challenges. Our mission is to “Provide an educational foundation, while caring for young children.”

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

Baby at Daycare

When we look at children, we see people who will someday be in charge of the world. Sure, they are little now, and their climbing, wiggling, and rolling down hills, looks like play, but we know better. At the Kendallville Day Care Center, we take all of this playing very serious because we know that play is a child’s work – important work that prepares them for bright futures as adults.

Boy Examines X-Ray

At our centers, we plan each day around the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional needs of children. The curriculum at our center is age appropriate, and in line with what today’s outstanding early childhood educators recommend. We offer structured activities, but set aside lots of time for children to explore, discover, imagine and create. Our experienced staff provides the care, nurturing and guidance the children need to thrive.

Kendallville Daycare Center Anniversary Banner

The Kendallville Day Care Centers support businesses and industries in our community by providing their employees with high-quality child care. We can’t begin to take the place of a loving family, but when adults are at work, we are there to step in to educate and nurture their children. With over 40 years of service we have had the pleasure of caring for many children and now those children are grown and we get to care for their children as well. Some children we have cared for over the years are now employees at our centers.

Children Playing

What is not to love about a place that was designed just for children? Children have opportunities throughout the day to explore their ever changing world, and time for knowing it is okay to make mistakes because that is how they learn. There is time to play with friends on the playground or look at a book alone in the library area, assist their teacher in taking care of the garden, or playing in learning centers throughout the classroom; and after a busy morning – a comfortable place to curl up and rest their body. There is something for every child to develop their individual potential.

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